A quick, peeved aside: I was supposed to be doing a few pieces for public radio while on this trip. I spent $500 on recording equipment at an online retailer and had it shipped to my office in Washington, D.C.

It was supposed to get to D.C. a week before I left for Zambia. It didn’t. Five days before I left, customer support told me it had been shipped the day before and would arrive the next day (although she couldn’t provide a tracking number). It didn’t.

I boarded my flight for Heathrow with no equipment, figuring that everything would arrive in D.C. the day after I left. O, the luck!, I thought.

Today, I got an email from that same craptacular online retailer, telling me that my order shipped yesterday, nearly a month late. Gotta love it.

28 October 2003


30 October | 0:53  |  Luxie

what a shame... I'm great at writing businesses and getting money back. You should definitely report them to the BBB, and also write a very direct letter to the organizations manager or CEO explaining what happened, who & when you talked to them, and request for full refund of shipping or half of the cost.

Nice website by the way - totally enjoy reading about your travels.

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