This will be my final post from Zambia. In 12 hours, I’ll be in a plane aloft over Africa, and in about 36 hours I’ll be back at my hotel in Washington, D.C., trying to self-medicate jetlag with a healthy dose of HBO. (I’ll also be checking my work email account for the first time in six weeks — I can’t even imagine how many thousands of messages we’re talking about.)

It’s been quite an experience. Regrets: I’ve worked too hard, and I didn’t get to explore the country much beyond Lusaka. A cab driver today asked where I’ve been in Zambia. “Did you go to Livingstone?” Check. “Did you see Victoria Falls?” Yep. “Then you’ve seen Zambia.” Not true, of course. But many, many positives.

The Internet cafe closes in five minutes. See you on the other side of the Atlantic.

21 November 2003


23 November | 7:50  |  jessie

let me tell you again how very much i have enjoyed taking your zambian trip w/you. it's been a big motivating boot in the ass when the africaness of getting shit done in africa got me down. here,s to those we leave behind--it's pomoi for wht guy in sierra leone.

23 November | 14:49  |  Lydia Tembo

I hope you do realise that you could have stayed at an alternative backpackers from cha cha cha? In fact there are loads of other places offering much better/cheaper/cleaner fare! I'm surprised that a guy as smart as you appear could settle for the little hell hole of chachacha. I don't believe it was just to save money.

How much longer are you going to maintain this website? I ask this because many of the issues raised in your comments and writing need to be addressed futher and not just during the time you're in Zambia. Do you intend to return at some point?

24 November | 3:55  |  EricaLucci

Looking forward to you coming home. It'll be good to see you again.

24 November | 23:48  |  christy

Your "Kaunda Square Basic" photo is nice.

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