A few technical notes:

- It appears that the cell phone number I gave you needs a slight tweak. From the U.S. of A., one drops the initial zero in the cell area code. So to call me, you’d dial 011 260 97 815475 (not 097 815475).

- If you would like to call, Trisarahtops found a cheap calling card to use. Nine cents a minute! Sarah confirms that it works, too, after you jump through a few hoops.

The best part: unlike in the States, it doesn’t cost me minutes if you call my cell. So call away!

19 October 2003


20 October | 5:57  |  drago

You're going to regret this invitation when someone calls you at 3:30 a.m.

What's the time difference, anyway?

20 October | 13:49  |  josh

Let's see -- it's almost 7 a.m. Dallas time and 2 p.m. Lusaka time at the moment. So a seven-hour difference. I think that'll grow to eight when U.S. daylight savings time ends.

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